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To Celebrate the
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     In 2007, Mike Hattley of sent me photos of an original 1960s-era American Football League Players Association ring, shown below.          After corresponding with some former American Football League players, I felt it would be a good idea to create a new ring commemorating the fans and the Alumni of the American Football League.  I used Mike's photos to mock-up the Alumni ring (above left), and found that the makers of the original have a mold of a similar ring, which I had produced for me.

    Herff Jones, a world-renowned maker of high-quality high-school, college and professional championship rings, including Super Bowl rings, is now producing a ring for former players and loyal fans of the American Football League.  Since Herff Jones has dies that were used for AFL rings in the 1960s, only a portion of the new  rings must be new work, greatly reducing the cost of creating the present ring.   Below each original ring, above, is the same view of my new ring, for an AMERICAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE FAN.

    The other version of the new ring is identical, but the top says AMERICAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE ALUMNI.

    The top of the ring has a simulated stone set above the letters AFL.  The stones are available in birthstones, or in the color of the American Football League team of your choice.

    One side has a relief of a football gridiron, and underneath that is a 'ribbon' with a team name of your choice, or other engraving, up to 10 spaces.

     Below that is a football helmet in relief, and below that, a 'ribbon' that can be engraved with up to 4 spaces, e.g. initials, or a short name.    The other side of the ring has a relief showing the classic "eagle and A" logo of the late, lamented American Football League

The inside of the ring is engraved with your initials and a date. (click images to enlarge)

    The photo above shows the proportion of my new AFL Fan  ring, on my hand.  The new rings are the same size and weight as the 1960s ring.  They are NOT copies, but unique designs. Note that the band above the helmet on the 1960s ring is curved, while the one on the new Alumni or Fan rings is straight.  The Alumni and Fan rings have the complete words AMERICAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE ALUMNI (or FAN) around the face, while the 1960's ring has the words AFL PLAYERS ASSOCIATION.

    The ring shown above is an example of a10K yellow gold ring.

    The Alumni and Fan rings are available for $357 in non-precious, silver colored metal White Ultrium (used for many college rings); for $433 in non-precious, yellow colored metal Sunglow; and for $841 in white or yellow precious 10 Karat Gold.  These prices include sales tax, shipping and handling, plus $5 towards the set-up costs that I have already paid.  Below are samples of the four types of ring.  These samples are to show approximate metal colors only.  The actual rings are styled as previously described.
                                                                                   (click images to enlarge)

White Ultrium Sunglow White 10 K Gold Yellow 10 K Gold

Below is a list of monthly birthstones, with photos of each simulated stone, for color description only.  Actual stones are circular and smaller, approximately as proportioned in the AFL rings shown at the top of this page (click image to enlarge)

Note:  Some of the stones shown above will also be used for team colors if you prefer to represent the team rather than using your birthstone.  The Bills, NY Titans and Chargers rings will have Blue Spinel; the Oilers will have Aquamarine; the Patriots, Dallas Texans and Chiefs will have Ruby; and the Jets will have Emerald, all stones as shown above.  The other teams will have stones not pictured: the Broncos and Bengals rings will have orange Padparadschah, the Dolphins will have Ocean Teal, and the Raiders will have black Onyx.

If enough rings aren't purchased to cover my already-paid set-up cost, I'll eat it.  If ring proceeds accrue more than the costs of the setup, all excess funds will be sent in the name of AFL players and fans, to the retired Pro Football players' help fund Gridiron Greats, with the stipulation that the funds be used to help a retired American Football League player in need.  I neither want nor will I accept any profit from the sale of these rings.

    If you're interested, please click below where indicated, to get a printable RING ORDER FORM.  Fill it out, and send it to Herff Jones with your check for the appropriate amount.   Prices on the gold rings will be periodically adjusted based on the market value of gold.

    If you're a former American Football League player or staff member who never had a championship ring or a players association ring, (or even if you do) this is your chance to show your pride in having been part of what even the NFL calls "the league that was the genesis of modern pro football".  If you're 'just' an American Football League fan, you can show your support for the memory of the greatest pro football league ever.

     The Alumni and Fan rings are not yet "AFL memorabilia", but an AFL ring purchased in 2009, the league's
50th Anniversary Season, is sure to be tomorrow's AFL memorabilia!

    BECAUSE SOME PLAYERS have indicated they would like to have a ring if they could get some type of matching AFL memento for their wives, Herrf Jones will produce pendants which appear like the faces of the Alumni or Fan rings.  (Greatly enlarged below.)  The backs would be flat, and engraved with up to 17 spaces.

    The pendants would be available in Sterling Silver for $284 and in 10K White Gold or Yellow Gold for $330.  The same simulated stone selections are available as for the rings.  Prices include engraving, shipping, and handling.  As with the AFL rings, once the amount I have already paid for setup charges is recovered, all receipts greater than the cost of producing, shipping and handling will be donated to the retired Pro Football players' help fund Gridiron Greats with the stipulation that the funds be used to help a retired American Football League player in need. 

       If you're interested, please click below where indicated, to get a printable PENDANT ORDER FORM.  Fill it out, and send it to Herff Jones with your check for the appropriate amount.   Prices on the pendants are good only through July 1, 2008.  After that, new prices will be established based on the market values of silver and gold.

Please pass this page's URL address on to any former AFL players, staff, family, friends or fans that you think might be interested in an AMERICAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE ring or pendant.


Below is a moving letter from AFL fan John Radocy.  Great example, John!

          I think the ring is a tremendous idea!  I'm sending for mine today, but listen, if you know of any AFL Alumnus that might have fallen on hard times, or one that has passed on, whose family can not afford one of these but would love one, let me know, I'd like to help out.  I've already donated to Gridiron Greats, and intend on doing it again, but to me, for a former American Football League player to have one of these great mementos that they can pass on to family would be huge.  
I'm sure there are more than a few fans willing to help out as well.  I know you refuse to accept any profit from your site, but I'm sure you can accept this gesture for others.  As always, I'll ask if there is anything I can do to assist you, please feel free to contact me (and I really do mean it). The AFL was my childhood passion and I'd love to do something to be involved.

Best Regards,
John Radocy
Life-long Chief fan
Bethpage, N.Y.

Another generous gesture was made by Broncos Endzone Sports Charities, which presented an AFL player's ring to one of the original Broncos, halfback/place-kicker Gene Mingo.  To read more, click here.

To get an American Football League RING ORDER FORM

Click here for a printable RING ORDER FORM, then click your "print" button.

NOTE: Before printing, in "print setup" make your page margins as small as possible.

To get an American Football League PENDANT ORDER FORM

Click here for a printable PENDANT ORDER FORM, then click your "print" button.

                                          The information you give will be held confidential and will not be given to others.

Questions?  Contact Ange Coniglio at or Herff Jones rep Michael Papili at

             Mail your filled-out form and check,
             or your credit card information  to:

               Herff Jones
              47 Old Post Road
              Lancaster, New York 14086

Below is a label from NFL-marketed clothing



























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