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Below are the names of three-dozen-plus American Football League stars.   At the time I formed the AFL Hall of Fame, NONE of them were in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Check their statistics and playoff appearances, their leadership qualities, their number of MVP and All-star Game selections, and their star quality when you saw them play.   Talk to their contemporaries, the Hall of Fame players that they competed against.  Then compare their qualifications to players from the same era in the same positions who are already  in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

They may not all deserve to be in the Hall of Fame, but certainly many do!   There are many players whose fans may believe they belong in the Hall, but who are not.  They're not limited to AFL players, and different observers may have subjective, conflicting opinions about their worthiness.  Many also may question whether certain men should be inducted when others whom they believe deserving have not been.

The key is this: were (any of) the players listed below as good as or better than others at their positions who are already in the Hall of Fame?  If they were, then they deserve to be inducted, regardless of the league they played in.

How about inducting AT LEAST the most deserving from this list in honor of the 65th Anniversary Season of the American Football League?



Daryle Lamonica
Jack Kemp
John Hadl  

Running Backs:

Abner Haynes
Paul Lowe
Clem Daniels
Jim Nance
Cookie Gilchrist
* Floyd Little

Lionel Taylor
Charlie Hennigan
Art Powell 
Otis Taylor   
Chris Burford

Tight Ends:

Fred Arbanas
Billy Cannon

Offensive Linemen:

Jim Tyrer
Bob Talamini
Walt Sweeney
*** Winston Hill
Ed Budde
Defensive Backs:
** Johnny Robinson
Dave Grayson
Goose Gonsoulin
George Saimes
Jim Norton


Larry Grantham
E. J. Holub

Mike Stratton
John Tracey  
Harry Jacobs
Tommy Addison
Jim Lynch
George Webster

Defensive Linemen:

Houston Antwine
Ron McDole

Larry Eisenhauer
Earl Faison
Jerry Mays
Tom Sestak


Gino Cappelletti
Gene Mingo
Paul Maguire
Jerrel Wilson
* Floyd Little was finally inducted in 2010.
(THIRTY YEARS after he became eligible!!!!!)
Little was great, and deserves to be in the "pro football" Hall of Fame.  Ask yourself ~ was he the best player on this list?

** Johnny Robinson
was finally inducted in 2019.
(FORTY-THREE YEARS after he became eligible!!!!!)

Winston Hill was finally inducted in 2020.
(THIRTY-SEVEN YEARS after he became eligible!!!!!)

       AFL fan and advocate Todd Tobias has made a masterful analysis of the number of AFL players in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, versus the number of nfl players there.  There are only 15 former primarily AFL players in the Hall of Fame. 
    Todd has made a case that as many as thirty-four more could reasonably be added.  That would admit virtually all the men named on this page.  

CLICK HERE to read Todd's blog.


Call or write: Hall of Fame President C. David Baker
  Ask him "Why aren't more AFL players in the Hall of Fame?"
You can click on any name above to see the player's credentials.

2121 George Halas Drive NW
Canton, Ohio 44708
(330) 456-8207

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