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The Buffalo Bills' John Mazur

Photo Courtesy of Denny Lynch, Buffalo Bills

From the 1964 AFL All-Star squad photo:
Top, from left:  Bills assistants John Mazur;  Jerry Smith; Harvey Johnson Jr.; and Head Coach Lou Saban
Bottom, from left:  The Bills' Billy Shaw and Tom Sestak; the Patriots' Larry Eisenhauer; the Bills' Stew Barber; and Bills' defensive coach Joel Collier


JOHN MAZUR was Lou Saban's offensive coach, who rescued Elbert Dubenion's career in 1962 when Lou took over the Buffalo Bills and formed his staff.   Duby was petrified of Buster Ramsey, the Bills' first coach, and his play reflected it.  Mazur, an old Notre Dame quarterback, knew that Duby was going to be one of Buffalo's key weapons.  He made it a 'project' to be Dubenion's chief nemesis and motivator.  It worked. That's why Duby's name is on the Bills' Wall of Fame.

After his hitch with the Bills, he later coached with the Patriots, at one time serving as their interim head coach.  By 1980, Mazur was on Walt Michaels' staff with the Jets, when he was diagnosed with Parkinson's at age 47. He has steadily declined for almost 30 years. He was in Buffalo in '95 at the 30th reunion of the AFL championship Bills, barely able to walk.  He's been bed-ridden for years, without much support of any kind beyond his wife of 50 years, Bernadine, whose background is nursing. 

Bernadine provides all his care and is certain that he would appreciate hearing from American Football League fans, and especially from former Bills players.  His address is 672 Cornwallis Drive, Mt. Laurel, New Jersey 08054-3217.  Bernadine regrets that she can't acknowledge cards or letters, but she will be sure that John gets them.


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