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     For many years, the Buffalo Bills Alumni Foundation has had a weekend of dinner galas, golf, and other alumni activities, generally around the first weekend of the season.  These support the many charitable causes to which the Alumni have made substantial contributions, including Wounded Warriors, and this year to, to fight prostate cancer.

    These are run by the Alumni, not the Bills.  The Buffalo Bills administration sometimes makes monetary contributions to the Alumni, but the bulk of the work for all their programs is done by alumni, the great majority of whom are from the pre-super bowl years.   The good work that the Buffalo Bills Alumni Foundation does is assumed by most people to be done by the Bills administration, but that's not the case. 

        FRONT ROW: Ted Wegert, Tommy O'Connell, Elbert Dubenion, Jack Johnson, Bill Atkins, Buster Ramsey (Head Coach), La Verne Torczon (Captain), Wilmer Fowler, Richie Lucas, Carl Smith, Joe Kulbacki, Wray Carlton, Billy Canard.

       SECOND ROW: Harvey Johnson (Assistant Coach), Dan McGrew, Bernie Buzynski, Dick Brubaker, Jack Laraway, John Green, Phil Blazer, Monte Crockett, Jim Wagstaff, Richie McCabe, Joe Schafter, Archie Matsos, Floyd "Breezy"Reid (Assistant Coach).

       THIRD ROW: Bob Dove (Assistant Coach), Ed Abramowski (Trainer), Harold Olson, Ed Muelhapt, Dan Chamberlain, Bob Sedlock, Tom Rychlec, Chuck McMurtry, John Scott, Jim Sorey, Ed Meyer, Don Chelf, Mack Yoho, Ed Dingman (Equip, Mgr.)

        MISSING FROM PHOTO: Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. (owner), Dick Gallagher (GM), Robert Barrett, Fred Ford, Darrell Harper, Joe Hergert, Al Hoisington, Harold Lewis, Leroy Moore, Dennis Remmer, Charles Rutkowski filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler filler

        FRONT ROW:  Marv Matuszak, Willie Jones, Al Bemiller, Stew Barber, Billy Shaw, Head Coach Lou Saban, Archie Matsos, Tom Day, Carl Charon, Glenn Bass.

       SECOND ROW: Wray Carlton, LeRoy Moore, Ray Abruzzese, John Yaccino, Warren Rabb, Jack Kemp, Cookie Gilchrist, George Flint, Willie West, Carl Taseff.

       THIRD ROW:  Harold Olsen,  Jerry DeLucca,  Monte Crockett,  Ernie Warlick,  Tom Rychlec,  Tom Sestak,  Mack Yoho, John Tracey, Wayne Crow,

        FOURTH ROW: Trainer Ed Abramowski,  Assistant Coach John Mazur,  Assistant Coach Bob Miller, Elbert Dubenion, Sid Youngelman,   Mike Stratton Booker Edgerson Jim Sorey,  Assistant Coach Jerry Smith,  Assistant    Coach Joel Collier, Equipment Manager Tony Marchitte.

        FRONT ROW: Paul Maguire, Wray Carlton, Pete Gogolak, Hagood Clarke, George Saimes, Booker Edgerson, Willie Ross, Glenn Bass, Charley Warner, Tom Janik, Sullivan "Pete" Mills, Bobby Smith.

       SECOND ROW: Trainer Ed Abramowski, Ed Rutkowski, Bill Groman, Butch Byrd, Mailon Kent, Jack Kemp, Head Coach Lou Saban, Daryle Lamonica, Floyd Hudlow, Gene Sykes, Don Stone, Tom Day, Assistant Coach Joel Collier, Assistant Coach Jerry Smith.

       THIRD ROW: Equipment Manager Tony Marchitte, Assistant Coach Johnny Mazur, Dave Behrman, Joe Auer, Billy Joe, Dudley Meredith, Ron McDole, Jim Dunaway, George Flint, Bill Laskey, John Tracey, Paul Costa, Ernie Warlick, Remi Prudhomme, Assistant Equipment Manager Ron Krauza.

       FOURTH ROW: Woody Ward, Doug Goodwin (taxi squad), Co-Captain Billy Shaw, Al Bemiller, Tom Keating, Mike Stratton, Co-Captain Tom Sestak, Joe O'Donnell, Dick Hudson, Harry Jacobs, Stew Barber, Charley Ferguson, Marty Schottenheimer, Jim Davidson, Henry Schmidt.

        MISSING FROM PHOTO: Elbert Dubenion, Fred Moore, Bo Roberson.

Photo by Robert L. Smith

    In the American Football League, a predominantly offensive league, the Buffalo Bills were a great defensive team.  With a linebacking corps of Harry Jacobs, Mike Stratton, and John Tracey; and defensive line stalwarts like Tom Day, Tom Sestak, Jim Dunaway, and Ron McDole, the Bills defense did not allow a rushing touchdown for seventeen straight games over a period of the 1964 and 1965 seasons.   Their pass defense was just as good as their run defense, registering fifty quarterback sacks in 1964, still a team record, although it was established in a 14-game season. 

     The Bills won AFL championships in both of those seasons. They were the first American Football League team to win 13 games in a season (1964); were one of only three teams to appear in an AFL championship game for three successive years; and the only AFL team to apear in the playoffs four straight years, 1963 through 1966.  Balancing their defensive prowess, the Bills had offensive muscle as well, in stars such as running backs Cookie Gilchrist and Wray Carlton, quarterbacks Jack Kemp and Daryle Lamonica, and receivers Elbert Dubenion and Ernie Warlick.


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Alumni photos courtesy of Tammy McDole


Some Bills Alumni at the 2014 Alumni Gala Dinner

Mike Stratton

Ron McDole and daughter Tammy

Mike & Ron at the game


Butch Byrd and Ange Coniglio


Duby is helped by
Ed Abramoski

Long-time trainer Ed Abramoski and wife Pat
~ 2014 ~




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