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All the Players
of the AFL

Through the efforts of a fan, Albert Klumpp, every man who ever played in the AMERICAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE is listed below.  

They are listed alphabetically, with the player's position, team(s) and years of service 
IN THE AFL for each American Football League team, and the player's college.  Some players had time in other professional leagues either before or after their AFL years.  That service is generally covered in many other places. This page is for American Football League service.  Clicking on names with links will provide further information, and in some cases, additional links.  I am trying to find photos of every former American Football League player, so that somewhere on these pages, you will be able to see them.  
(These features are not yet complete, but will be updated frequently.)

Any errors are mine.  All credit is due to Albert Klumpp, whose sources, as well as some interesting statistics, follow this list.  If you'd like to comment on this information, contact me at RemembertheAFL@aol.com.

To see biographies for many American Football League players, click here for the 'Wikipedia' list of AFL players, coaches, and contributors.

The men listed below shared a common bond: whether they were first-round draft choices or walk-ons; ten-year starters or one-game substitutes; AFL Hall of Fame members or third-stringers; they all had a role in creating the genesisof modern Professional Football, in the league that issued a challenge and showed that, competitively, the establishment could be defeated: they were a part of the AMERICAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE.


American Football League Roster 1960 - 1969


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Abell, Bud                                      LB                         KC                 66-68                  Missouri

Abruzzese, Ray                           DB                        Buf                 62-64                  Alabama                    d. 8/22/2011

                                                                                      NY                 65

Adamson, Ken                             OG                        Den               60-62                 Notre Dame

Addison, Tom                              LB                         Bos               60-67                 South Carolina           d. 6/14/2011

Agajanian, Ben                            K                           LA/SD           60, 64                 New Mexico

                                                                                      Dal                61

                                                                                      Oak               62

Akin, Harold                                  OT                         SD                67-68                 Oklahoma State

Alflen, Ted                                     DB-HB                 Den              69                       Springfield                   

Alford, Bruce                                 K                           Buf                68-69                 TCU

Allard, Don                                    QB                        NY                 61                       Boston College            d. 5/4/2002

                                                                                      Bos               62

Allen, Buddy                                  HB                        Den              61                       Utah State

Allen, Chuck                                 LB                         SD                61-69                 Washington

Allen, Dalva                                   DE                        Hou              60-61                 Houston

                                                                                      Oak               62-64

Allen, Don                                     FB                         Den              60                       Texas

Allen, George                               DT                         Hou              66                       West Texas State

Allen, Jackie                                 DB                        Oak               69                       Baylor

Allison, Jim                                   RB                        SD                65-68                 San Diego State

Alliston, Buddy                             LB                         Den              60                       Mississippi

Alworth, Lance                             FL-WR                 SD                62-69                 Arkansas

Ames, Dave                                  HB-DB                 NY                 61                       Richmond                    d. 8/4/2009

                                                                                      Den              61

Anderson, Billy                            QB                        Hou              67                       Tulsa                            d. 4/11/1996
Anderson, Dick                            DB                        Mia                68-69                 Colorado

Anderson, Max                             RB-KR                 Buf                68-69                 Arizona State

Anderson, Ralph                         OE                        LA                  60                       Los Angeles State   d. 11/27/1960

Andrus, Lou                                  LB                         Den               67                       Brigham Young

Antwine, Houston                       DT                        Bos               61-69                 Southern Illinois       d. 12/26/2011

Apple, Jim                                     HB                        NY                 61                       Upsala

Appleton, Scott                             DT                         Hou              64-66                 Texas                            d. 3/2/1992

                                                                                      SD                67-68

Arbanas, Fred                              OE-TE                  Dal/KC         62-69                 Michigan State

Archer, Dan                                   OG-OT                 Oak               67                       Oregon

                                                                                      Cin                68

Armstrong, Ray                            DT                         Oak               60                      TCU

Asad, Doug                                   OE                        Oak               60-61                 Northwestern

Atchason, Jack                             OE                        Hou              60                       Western Illinois

                                                                                      Bos               60

Atkins, Billy                                   DB-P-K-HB         Buf                60-61, 63           Auburn                         d. 11/5/1991
                                                                                      NY                 62-63

                                                                                      Den              64

Atkins, Pervis                                HB-FL-KR           Oak               65-66                 New Mexico State

Atkinson, Al                                   LB                         NY                 65-69                 Villanova

Atkinson, Frank                            DT                         Den              64                       Stanford

Atkinson, George                         DB-KR                 Oak               68-69                 Morris Brown

Auer, Joe                                       RB-KR                 Buf                64-65                 Georgia Tech

                                                                                      Mia                66-67

Autry, Hank                                    C                           Hou              69                       Southern Mississippi

Avery, Ken                                     LB                         Cin                69                       Southern Mississippi

Avezzano, Joe                               C                           Bos               66                       Florida State

Babb, Gene                                  FB-LB                   Hou              62-63                 Austin

Baccaglio, Martin                         DE                        SD                68                       San Jose State

                                                                                      Cin                68-69

Bachman, Jay                              C                           Den              68-69                 Cincinnati

Bailey, Teddy                                RB                        Buf                67                       Cincinnati

                                                                                      Bos               69

Baird, Bill                                       DB-KR-HB          NY                 63-69                San Francisco State

Baker, Art                                       FB                         Buf                61-62                 Syracuse

Baker, Johnny                              LB-OE                  Hou              63-66                 Mississippi State

                                                                                      SD                67

Baker, Larry                                  OT                         NY                 60                       Bowling Green       d. 12/23/2000

Baker, Ralph                                LB                         NY                 64-69                 Penn State

Banaszak, Pete                            RB                        Oak               66-69                 Miami FL

Banfield, Tony                              DB                        Hou              60-63, 65           Oklahoma State

Banks, Estes                                RB                        Oak               67                       Colorado

                                                                                      Cin                68

Bansavage, Al                             LB                         LA                 60                       USC                             d. 8/19/2003

                                                                                     Oak               61

Barbee, Joe                                 DT                         Oak               60                       Kent State                  d. 8/12/1969

Barber, Rudy                                LB                         Mia                68                       Bethune-Cookman

Barber, Stew                                 OT                         Buf                61-69                Penn State

Barnes, Charley                           OE                        Dal                61                       Northeast Louisiana

Barnes, Ernie                               OG-OT                 NY                 60                       N. Carolina Central    d. 4/27/2009

                                                                                      SD                61-62

                                                                                      Den              63-64

Barnes, Larry                                LB-K                     Oak               60                      Colorado State

Barnes, Pete                                LB                         Hou               67-68                Southern

                                                                                      SD                69

Barnes, Walt                                 DT-DE                  Den              69                      Nebraska

Barrett, Bob                                   OE                        Buf                60                       Baldwin-Wallace

Barrett, Jan                                  OE                        Oak               63-64                 Fresno State               d. 10/7/1973

Barry, Al                                         OG                        LA                 60                       USC

Barry, Odell                                   OE-KR                 Den              64-65                 Findlay                        

Barton, Jim                                   C                           Dal                60                       Marshall

                                                                                      Den              61-62

Bass, Glenn                                 OE-FL-WR-HB   Buf                61-66                 East Carolina

                                                                                      Hou              67-68

Bass, Norm                                  DB                        Den              64                       Pacific

Bates, Ted                                    LB                         NY                 63                       Oregon State

Battle, Mike                                   DB                        NY                 69                        USC

Beach, Walter                               DB                        Bos               60-61                 Central Michigan

Beams, Byron                              OT-DT                  Hou              61                        Notre Dame              d. 11/14/1992

Beathard, Pete                             QB                        KC                64-67                  USC

                                                                                      Hou              67-69

Beauchamp, Al                            LB                         Cin                68-69                 Southern

Beauchamp, Joe                         DB                        SD                66-69                  Iowa State

Beer, Tom                                     TE-OG                  Den              67-69                 Houston

Behrman, Dave                           OT-C                    Buf                63, 65                 Michigan State         d. 12/09/2014

                                                                                      Den              67

Beier, Tom                                    DB-FL                  Mia                67, 69                 Miami FL

Beirne, Jim                                   WR                       Hou               68-69                 Purdue

Bell, Bobby                                    LB                         KC                63-69                 Minnesota                  
Bell, Eddie                                    DB                        NY                 60                       Pennsylvania           
d. 4/27/2009

Bell, Henry                                    RB                        Den               60                       (none)

Bellino, Joe                                   HB-FL-KR           Bos               65-67                 Navy

Belotti, George                             C                           Hou              60-61                 USC                           d. 6/15/2009

                                                                                      LA                 60

Belser, Ceasar                            DB                        KC                 68-69                 Arkansas-Pine Bluff

Bemiller, Al                                   C-OG                    Buf                61-69                 Syracuse

Bennett, Phil                                 LB                         Bos               60                      Miami FL                  d. 12/15/2002

Benson, Duane                           LB                         Oak               67-69                 Hamline

Berger, Ron                                  DE                        Bos               69                       Wayne State MI

Bergey, Bill                                    LB                         Cin                69                       Arkansas State

Bernardi, Frank                            HB                        Den              60                       Colorado

Bernet, Ed                                     OE                        Dal                60                       Southern Methodist

Bernet, Lee                                   OT                         Den              65-66                 Wisconsin

Berry, Royce                                 DE                        Cin                69                       Houston

Bethea, Elvin                                DE                        Hou              68-69                 North Carolina A&T

Bethune, Bob                               DB                        SD                62                       Mississippi State

Beverly, Randy                             DB                        NY                 67-69                 Colorado State

Biggs, Verlon                                DE-DT                  NY                 65-69                Jackson State              d. 6/7/1994

Biletnikoff, Fred                            FL-WR                 Oak               65-69                 Florida State

Billingsley, Ron                            DT-DE                  SD                67-69                 Wyoming

Biodrowski, Dennis                    OG                        KC                63-67                  Memphis State

Bird, Rodger                                 DB                        Oak               66-68                 Kentucky

Birdwell, Dan                               DT-DE                  Oak               62-69                 Houston                     d. 2/14/1978

Biscaha, Joe                                OE                        Bos               60                        Richmond

Bishop, Sonny                              OG                        Dal                62                       Fresno State

                                                                                      Oak               63

                                                                                      Hou              64-69

Bivins, Charley                            HB                        Buf                67                       Morris Brown              d. 3/11/1994

Blair, George                                DB-K                    SD                61-64                 Mississippi

Blanda, George                           QB-K                    Hou              60-66                 Kentucky                     d. 9/27/2010

                                                                                      Oak               67-69

Blanks, Sid                                   RB-KR                 Hou              64, 66-68           Texas A&I

                                                                                      Bos               69

Blazer, Phil                                    OG                        Buf                60                       North Carolina

Bobo, Hubert                                LB                         LA                 60                       Ohio State                     d. 9/1/1999

                                                                                      NY                 61-62

Bohling, Dewey                            HB                        NY                 60-61                 Hardin-Simmons

                                                                                      Buf                61

Bookman, Johnny                       DB                        Dal                60                       Miami FL                    d. 10/23/1995

                                                                                      NY                 61

Boozer, Emerson                        RB                        NY                 66-69                 Maryland-Eastern Shore

Borden, Nate                                DE                        Buf                62                       Indiana                        d. 9/30/1992
Botchan, Ron                               LB                         LA                 60                       Occidental

                                                                                      Hou              61

Boudreaux, Jim                            OT-DE                  Bos               66-68                 Louisiana Tech

Boutwell, Tommy                         WR-QB                Mia                69                       Southern Mississippi

Boydston, Max                             OE                        Dal                60-61                 Oklahoma                  d.12/12/1998
                                                                                      Oak               62

Boyette, Garland                          LB                         Hou              66-69                 Grambling

Boynton, George                          DB                        Oak               62                       East Texas State

Boynton, John                              OT                         Mia                69                       Tennessee

Brabham, Danny                         LB                         Hou               63-67                 Arkansas                    d. 1/23/2011

                                                                                      Cin                68

Brady, Phil                                     DB                        Den              69                       Brigham Young         d. 1/11/1986

Bramlett, John                              LB                         Den              65-66                 Memphis State

                                                                                      Mia                67-68

                                                                                      Bos               69

Branch, Mel                                   DE                       Dal/KC         60-65                 LSU                              d. 4/21/1992

                                                                                      Mia                66-68

Brannan, Solomon                      DB                        KC                65-66                 Morris Brown

Bravo, Alex                                    DB                        Oak               60-61                 Cal Poly-SLO

Braxton, Hezekiah                       RB                        SD                 62                       Virginia Union

                                                                                      Buf                63

Breaux, Don                                  QB                        Den              63                       McNeese State

                                                                                      SD                65

Breitenstein, Bob                         OT-OG                 Den              65-67                 Tulsa

Brewington, Jim                           OT                         Oak              61                       North Carolina Central

Brezina, Bobby                             HB                        Hou               63                       Houston

Briggs, Bob                                   DT-DE                  SD                68-69                 Heidelberg                    d. 5/5/1997
Briscoe, Marlin                             QB-WR                Den              68                       Nebraska-Omaha

                                                                                      Buf                69

Brittenum, Jon                              QB                        SD                68                       Arkansas

Brodhead, Bob                             QB                        Buf                60                       Duke                            d. 2/11/1996

Brodnax, J.W.                              FB                         Den              60                       LSU                               d. 1/6/2006

Brooker, Tommy                          OE-K                    Dal/KC         62-66                 Alabama

Brooks, Bob                                  FB                         NY                 61                       Ohio

Brown, Aaron                              DE                         KC                66, 68-69           Minnesota                d. 11/17/1997

Brown, Barry                                 LB-TE                   Bos               69                       Florida

Brown, Bill                                    LB                         Bos               60                       Syracuse                    d. 4/18/1989

Brown, Charley                            OT                         Oak               62                       Houston

Brown, Charlie                             DB-HB                 Buf                68                       Syracuse

Brown, Don                                   HB                        Hou              60                       Houston

Brown, Doug                                DT                         Oak               64                       Fresno State

Brown, Fred                                  HB                        Buf                61, 63                 Georgia

Brown, Hardy                               LB                         Den              60                       Tulsa                             d. 11/81991

Brown, Willie                                DB                        Den               63-66                 Grambling

                                                                                      Oak               67-69

Browning, Charlie                       HB                        NY                 65                       Washington                   d. 1/-/1984

Brownlee, Claude                       DT                         Mia                67                       Benedict

Brubaker, Dick                             OE                        Buf                60                       Ohio State

Brueckman, Charlie                    LB                         LA                 60                       Pittsburgh

Bruggers, Bob                              LB                         Mia               66-68                 Minnesota

                                                                                      SD                68-69

Brunelli, Sam                               OT-OG                 Den              66-69                 Colorado State

Bruney, Fred                                 DB                        Bos               60-62                 Ohio State

Bryant, Bob                                   OE                        Dal                60                       Texas

Buchanan, Buck                          DT                         KC                63-69                 Grambling                   d. 7/16/1992

Buchanan, Tim                            LB                         Cin                69                       Hawaii

Buckman, Tom                            TE                         Den              69                       Texas A&M

Budde, Ed                                     OG                        KC                63-69                 Michigan State

Budness, Bill                                LB                         Oak               64-69                 Boston University

Budrewicz, Tom                           OG                        NY                 61                       Brown

Buehler, George                          OG                        Oak               69                       Stanford

Bugenhagen, Gary                      OG-OT                 Buf                67                       Syracuse

Buie, Drew                                    WR                       Oak               69                       Catawba

Bukaty, Fred                                 FB                         Den              61                       Kansas                     d. 12/18/2007

Buncom, Frank                            LB                         SD                 62-67                 USC

                                                                                      Cin                68

Buoniconti, Nick                           LB                         Bos               62-68                 Notre Dame

                                                                                      Mia                69

Burch, Jerry                                   OE                        Oak               61                       Georgia Tech

Burford, Chris                               OE                        Dal/KC         60-67                 Stanford

Burnett, Bobby                              RB                        Buf                66-67                 Arkansas

                                                                                      Den              69

Burrell, George                            DB                        Den               69                       Pennsylvania

Burrell, Ode                                  HB-FL-P              Hou               64-69                 Mississippi State       d. 2/28/2009
Burton, Leon                                 HB                        NY                 60                       Arizona State              

Burton, Ron                                  HB-KR                 Bos               60-65                 Northwestern               d. 9/13/2003

Bussell, Gerry                              DB                        Den               65                       Georgia Tech

Butler, Bob                                    OG                        NY                 63                       Kentucky

Buzyniski, Bernie                         LB                         Buf                60                       Holy Cross                  d. 9/11/2008

Byrd, Butch                                    DB                        Buf                64-69                 Boston University 
Byrd, Dennis                                 DE                        Bos               68                       North Carolina State  
d. 7/23/2010

Cadwell, John                              OG                        Dal                61                       Oregon State

Cagle, Johnny                              OG-DE                 Bos               69                       Clemson

Callahan, Dan                              OG                        NY                 60                       Wooster

Campbell, Jim                             LB                         SD                 69                       West Texas State

Campbell, Ken                             OE                        NY                 60                       West Chester

Campbell, Stan                            OG                        Oak               62                       Iowa State                  d. 3/14/2005
Campbell, Woody                        RB                        Hou               67-69                 Northwestern

Canale, Justin                              OG                        Bos               65-68                 Mississippi State    d. 10/11/2011

                                                                                      Cin                69

Canale, Whit                                DE-DT                  Mia                66                       Tennessee                d. 9/17/2011

                                                                                      Bos               68

Cannavino, Joe                            DB                        Oak               60-61                 Ohio State

                                                                                      Buf                62

Cannon, Billy                                RB-TE-KR           Hou              60-63                 LSU

                                                                                      Oak               64-69

Cappadona, Bob                         RB                        Bos               66-67                 Northeastern

                                                                                      Buf                68

Cappelletti, Gino                          OE-FL-K-DB       Bos               60-69                 Minnesota

Carlton, Wray                                RB                        Buf                60-67                 Duke

Carmichael, Al                             HB                        Den               60-61                 USC

Carmichael, Paul                        HB                        Den               65                       El Camino JC

Carolan, Reg                                OE-TE                  SD                62-63                 Idaho                                d. 1/1983

                                                                                      KC                64-68

Carothers, Don                           OE                        Den               60                      Bradley                         d. 9/19/2008

Carpenter, Ken                            HB-OE                 Den               60                      Oregon State             d. 1/28/2011

Carpenter, Preston                     TE                        Mia                67                       Arkansas                    d. 6/30/2011

Carpenter, Ron                            LB                         SD                64-65                 Texas A&M

Carr, Levert                                   DT                         SD                69                       North Central IL

Carrell, John                                 LB                         Hou              66                       Texas Tech

Carrington, Ed                              TE                         Hou              68-69                 Virginia

Carroll, Jim                                   LB                         NY                 69                       Notre Dame               d. 8/18/1886

Carson, Johnny                           OE                        Hou               60                       Georgia

Carson, Kern                                HB                        SD                65                       San Diego State

                                                                                      NY                 65

Carwell, Larry                              DB                        Hou              67-68                 Iowa State                   d. 1/19/1984

                                                                                      Bos               69

Casares, Rick                              FB                         Mia                66                       Florida

Casey, Tim                                   LB                         Den              69                       Oregon

Cash, John                                   DE                        Den              61-62                 Allen

Cassese, Tom                             HB-DB                 Den              67                       C. W. Post

Cavalli, Carmen                           DE                        Oak               60                       Richmond

Caveness, Ronnie                      LB                         KC                65                       Arkansas

                                                                                      Hou              66-68

Cavness, Grady                           DB                        Den              69                       Texas-El Paso

Chamberlain, Dan                      OE-HB                 Buf                60-61                 Sacramento State

Chandler, Edgar                          LB                         Buf                68-69                Georgia                       d. 10/17/1992
Charles, John                              DB                        Bos               67-69                 Purdue

Charon, Carl                                 DB                        Buf                62-63                 Michigan State

Cheeks, B. W.                               HB                        Hou               65                       Texas Southern

Chelf, Don                                     OG-OT                 Buf                60-61                 Iowa

Chesser, George                        RB                        Mia                66-67                 Delta State                 d. 11/12/2008

Cheyunski, Jim                            LB                         Bos               68-69                 Syracuse

Chlebek, Ed                                  QB                        NY                 63                       Western Michigan

Choboian, Max                             QB                        Den               66                       San Fernando State   d. 1/2/1997

Chomyszak, Steve                      DT-C-OT              NY                 66                       Syracuse                    d. 1/25/1998

                                                                                      Cin                68-69

Chorovich, Dick                            OT                         LA                 60                       Miami OH                   d. 7/15/1997

Christy, Dick                                 HB                        Bos                60                      North Carolina State   d. 8/7/1966

                                                                                      NY                 61-63

Christy, Earl                                  HB-DB                 NY                 66-68                  Maryland-Eastern Shore

Churchwell, Don                          OT-DT                  Oak               60                       Mississippi

Cichowski, Tom                           OT                         Den              67-68                 Maryland

Clancy, Jack                                 FL-WR                 Mia                67, 69                 Michigan

Clark, Howard                              OE                        LA/SD           60-61                 Tennessee-Chattanooga

Clarke, Hagood                           DB                        Buf                64-68                 Florida

Clatterbuck, Bobby                    QB                        LA                 60                       Houston                       d. 10/7/2004

Cline, Doug                                  LB-RB                  Hou              60-66                 Clemson                    d. 10/10/1995

                                                                                      SD                66

Cloutier, Dave                              DB                        Bos               64                      Maine

Coan, Bert                                     HB                        SD                62                      Kansas

                                                                                      KC                 63-68

Cockrell, Gene                             OT-DE                  NY                 60-62                 Hardin-Simmons

Coffey, Don                                   FL                         Den               63                       Memphis State

Cohen, Abe                                   OG                        Bos               60                       Tenn-Chattanooga     d. 3/8/1989

Colclough, Jim                             OE-FL-WR          Bos               60-68                 Boston College         d. 5/16/2004

Cole, Fred                                     OG                        LA                  60                       Maryland

Coleman, Al                                  DB                        Cin                69                       Tennessee State

Collins, Jerald "JC"                     LB                         Buf                69                       Western Michigan

Collins, Ray                                  DT                         Dal                60-61                 LSU                             d. 11/3/1991

Compton, Dick                             OE                        Hou               65                       McMurry

Conners, Dan                              LB                         Oak                64-69                 Miami FL

Cook, Greg                                   QB                        Cin                 69                       Cincinnati

Cooke, Ed                                     DE-LB                  NY                 60-63                 Maryland

                                                                                      Den               64-65

                                                                                      Mia                 66-67

Coolbaugh, Bob                          OE                        Oak                 61                       Richmond                   d. 6/-/1985

Cooper, Thurlow                         OE-DE                 NY                  60-62                 Maine                          d. 2/14/2008

Corcoran, Jim                              QB                        Bos               68                       Maryland                     d. 6/19/2009

Cordill, Olie                                   OE                        SD                 67                       Memphis State

Corey, Walt                                   LB                         Dal/KC          60, 62-66           Miami FL

Cornelison, Jerry                         OT                         Dal/KC         60-62, 64-65     Southern Methodist

Coslet, Bruce                               TE                         Cin                69                        Pacific

Costa, Dave                                  DT                        Oak               63-65                 Utah

                                                                                      Buf                66

                                                                                      Den              67-69

Costa, Paul                                   TE-OT                  Buf                65-69                 Notre Dame

Cox, Jim                                        TE                         Mia                68                       Miami FL

Cox, Larry                                      DT                         Den              66-68                 Abilene Christian

Crabtree, Eric                               OE-WR-DB         Den              66-68                 Pittsburgh

                                                                                      Cin                69

Craig, Dobie                                 OE-HB                 Oak               62-63                 Howard Payne

                                                                                      Hou              64

Crane, Gary                                  LB                         Den              69                       Arkansas State

Crane, Paul                                  LB-C                     NY                 66-69                 Alabama

Crawford, Hilton                           DB                        Buf                69                       Grambling

Crawford, Jim                               RB                        Bos               60-64                 Wyoming

Criter, Ken                                     LB                         Den              69                       Wisconsin

Crockett, Bobby                            OE-WR                Buf                66, 68-69           Arkansas

Crockett, Monte                            OE                        Buf                60-62                 New Mexico Highlands

Cronin, Bill                                    TE                         Mia                66                       Boston College

Cross, Bobby                               OT                         Bos               60                       Stephen F. Austin

Crotty, Jim                                     DB                        Buf                61-62                 Notre Dame

Crouthamel, Jake                        HB                        Bos               60                       Dartmouth

Crow, Al                                         DT                         Bos               60                       William & Mary

Crow, Wayne                                HB-DB-P             Oak               60-61                 California

                                                                                      Buf                62-63

Crump, Harry                                FB                         Bos               63                       Boston College

Crusan, Doug                              OT                         Mia                68-69                 Indiana

Csonka, Larry                               FB                         Mia                68-69                 Syracuse

Cudzik, Walt                                  C-LB                   Bos               60-63                 Purdue                      d. 12/11/2005

                                                                                      Buf                64

Culp, Curley                                  DT-OG                 KC                68-69                Arizona State

Culpepper, Ed                              DT                         Hou              62-63                Alabama

Cummings, Ed                            LB                         NY                 64                      Stanford

                                                                                      Den              65

Cunningham, Carl                      LB                         Den              67-69                 Houston

Cunningham, Dick                      LB-OT                  Buf                67-69                 Arkansas

Cunningham, Jay                        DB                        Bos               65-67                 Bowling Green

Current, Mike                                OT                         Mia                67                      Ohio State

                                                                                      Den              67-69

Cutsinger, Gary                            DE                        Hou              62-66, 68          Oklahoma State

D'Agostino, Frank                        OG                        NY                 60                       Auburn

D'Amato, Mike                              DB                        NY                 68                       Hofstra

Danenhauer, Bill                         DE                        Den              60                       Emporia State

                                                                                      Bos               60

Danenhauer, Eldon                    OT                         Den              60-65                 Pittsburg State

Daney, George                             OG                        KC                68-69                 Texas-El Paso            d. 2/15/1990

Daniels, Clem                              HB-DB                 Dal                60                       Prairie View

                                                                                      Oak               61-67

Daniels, Dave                              DT                         Oak               66                       Florida A&M

Darnall, Bill                                   WR                       Mia                68-69                 North Carolina

Darragh, Dan                               QB                        Buf                68-69                 William & Mary

Davidson, Ben                             DE                        Oak               64-69                 Washington

Davidson, Cotton                         QB-P                    Dal                60-62                 Baylor

                                                                                      Oak               62-66, 68

Davidson, Pete                            DT                         Hou               60                      Citadel

Davis, Bob                                    QB                        Hou               67-69                 Virginia

Davis, Dick                                    DE                        Dal                62                       Kansas

Davis, Jack                                   OG                        Bos               60                       Maryland

Davis, Jack                                   OG                        Den              60                        Arizona

Davis, Marvin                                DE                        Den              66                        Wichita State

Dawson, Bill                                 TE-DE                  Bos               65                       Florida State

Dawson, Len                                QB                        Dal/KC         62-69                 Purdue

Day, Al                                            LB                         Den              60                       Eastern Michigan        d. 4/-/1979

Day, Tom                                       DE-OG                 Buf               61-66, 68           North Carolina A&T    d. 8/21/2000
                                                                                      SD                67

Dee, Bob                                       DE                        Bos               60-67                 Holy Cross                  d. 4/18/1979

DeFelice, Nick                              OT                        NY                 65-66                 Southern Connecticut State

Degen, Dick                                  LB                         SD                65-66                 Long Beach State

DeLong, Steve                             DE                        SD                 65-69                 Tennessee                 d. 8/18/2010

DeLuca, Sam                               OG-OT                 LA/SD           60-61, 63           South Carolina          d. 9/13/2011

                                                                                      NY                 64-66

DeLucca, Gerry                            OT-DT                  Bos               60-61, 63-64     Middle Tennessee State

                                                                                      Buf                62-63

Dennis, Guy                                  OG                        Cin                69                       Florida

Denson, Al                                    FL-WR                 Den               64-69                 Florida A&M

Denvir, John                                 OG                        Den               62                       Colorado

Deskins, Don                               OG                        Oak               60                       Michigan

DeSutter, Wayne                          OT                         Buf                66                       Western Illinois

DeVliegher, Chuck                      DT                         Buf                69                       Memphis State

Dewveall, Willard                         OE                        Hou              61-64                 Southern Methodist  d. 11/20/2006
Diamond, Bill                               OG                        KC                 63                       Miami FL

Diamond, Charley                       OT                         Dal/KC         60-63                 Miami FL

Dickey, Eldridge                           QB-WR                Oak               68-69                 Tennessee State       d. 5/22/2000

Dickey, Wallace                           OT                         Den               68-69                Southwest Texas State

Dickinson, Bo                               FB                         Dal                60-61                 Southern Mississippi

                                                                                      Den              62-63

                                                                                      Hou              63

                                                                                      Oak               64

Diehl, John                                   DT                         Oak               65                       Virginia

DiMidio, Tony                                OT-C                    KC                66-67                 West Chester

Dimitroff, Tom                              QB                        Bos               60                       Miami OH                    d. 1/20/1996
Dimmick, Tom                             C                           Dal                60                       Houston

Discenzo, Tony                           OT                         Bos               60                       Michigan State            d. 2/11/2007

                                                                                      Buf                60

Dittrich, John                                OG                        Oak               60                       Wisconsin                    d. 7/5/1995

                                                                                      Buf                61

DiVito, Joe                                     QB                        Den              68                       Boston College

Dixon, Hewritt                               RB-TE                  Den              63-65                 Florida A&M                d. 11/24/1992

                                                                                      Oak               66-69

Dobbins, Ollie                              DB                        Buf                64                       Morgan State

Dockery, John                              DB                        NY                 68-69                 Harvard

Dombrowski, Leon                     LB                         NY                 60                       Delaware

Domres, Marty                              QB                        SD                69                       Columbia

Domres, Tom                               DT-DE                  Hou              68-69                 Wisconsin                  d. 11/8/1999

Donaldson, Gene                        RB                        Buf                67                       Purdue

Donnahoo, Roger                       DB                        NY                 60                       Michigan State

Donnell, Ben                                DE                        LA                  60                       Vanderbilt

Dorow, Al                                       QB                        NY                 60-61                 Michigan State           d. 7/12/2009

                                                                                      Buf                62

Dorsey, Dick                                 OE                        Oak               62                       USC

Dotson, Al                                     DT                         KC                65                       Grambling

                                                                                      Mia                66

                                                                                      Oak               68-69

Dougherty, Bob                           LB                         Oak               60-63                 Kentucky                     d. 5/12/2006

Douglas, John                             DB                        Hou               69                       Texas Southern           d. 4/5/2005

Doyle, Dick                                   DB                        Den               60                       Ohio State                 d. 11/11/1993

Drungo, Elbert                             OT                         Hou              69                       Tennessee State   

Dubenion, Elbert                         HB-FL-WR          Buf                60-68                  Bluffton

Dudek, Mitch                                 OT                        NY                 66                       Xavier

Dukes, Mike                                 LB                         Hou              60-63                 Clemson                     d.6/16/2008                                                                                       Bos              64-65

                                                                                      NY                 65

Dunaway, Jim                              DT                         Buf                63-69                 Mississippi

Duncan, Speedy                          DB-KR                 SD                64-69                 Jackson State

Duncan, Randy                            QB                        Dal                61                       Iowa

Duncan, Rick                                K                           Den              67                       Eastern Montana

Dupre, Charlie                             DB                        NY                 60                       Baylor

Duranko, Pete                              DE                        Den              67-69                 Notre Dame                 d. 7/8/2011

Dyer, Ken                                      DB-WR                SD                68                       Arizona State                 d. 3/7/2010

                                                                                      Cin               69

Eason, John                                 WR                       Oak               68                       Florida A&M

Eber, Rick                                     WR                       SD                 69                       Tulsa

Edgerson, Booker                       DB                        Buf                62-69                  Western Illinois

Edmunds, Randall                      LB                         Mia                68-69                 Georgia Tech

Edwards, Lloyd                            TE                         Oak               69                       San Diego State

Eifrid, Jim                                      LB                         Den               61                       Colorado State

Eischeid, Mike                              K-P                       Oak               66-69                 Upper Iowa

Eisenhauer, Larry                        DE                        Bos               61-69                 Boston College

Elkins, Larry                                  FL                         Hou              66-67                  Baylor

Elliott, John                                   DT-DE                  NY                67-69                 Texas                          d. 11/11/2010

Ellis, Roger                                   LB-C                     NY                60-63                 Maine                            d. 5/14/2008

Elzey, Paul                                    LB                         Cin                68                       Toledo

Emanuel, Frank                           LB                         Mia                66-69                 Tennessee

Embree, John                              WR                       Den               69                       Compton JC

Enis, Hunter                                 QB                        Dal                60                       TCU

                                                                                      SD                61

                                                                                      Oak               62

                                                                                      Den              62

Enyart, Bill                                     FB                         Buf                69                       Oregon State

Epperson, Pat                              OE                        Den              60                       Adams State                  d.5/7/1995

Erickson, Bernie                          LB                         SD                67-68                 Abilene Christian

                                                                                      Cin                68

Erlandson, Tom                           LB                         Den              62-65                 Washington State

                                                                                      Mia                66-67

                                                                                      SD                68

Erwin, Terry                                   RB                        Den              68                       Boston College

Estes, Don                                    OG                        SD                66                       LSU                              d.7/1/2008

Evans, Bob                                   DE                        Hou               65                       Texas A&M                 

Evans, Dale                                  HB                        Den              61                        Kansas State

Evans, Jim                                    FL                         NY                 64-65                 Texas-El Paso

Evans, Norm                                OT                         Hou              65                       TCU

                                                                                      Mia               66-69

Fairband, Bill                                LB                         Oak               67-68                Colorado

Faison, Earl                                  DE                        SD                 61-66                Indiana

                                                                                      Mia                66

Fanning, Stan                               DE                        Hou              64                       Idaho

                                                                                      Den              64

Farley, Dick                                   DB                        SD                 68-69                 Boston University

Farmer, Lonnie                            LB                         Bos               64-66                 Tennessee-Chattanooga

Farr, Miller                                     DB                        Den               65                       Wichita State

                                                                                      SD                 65-66

                                                                                      Hou               67-69

Farrier, Curt                                  DT                         KC                 63-65                 Montana State

Farris, John                                  OG                        SD                 65-66                 San Diego State

Faulkner, Staley                           OT                         Hou               64                       Texas

Feldhausen, Paul                        OT                         Bos               68                       Northland

Felt, Dick                                        DB                        NY                60-61                 Brigham Young        d. 11/17/2012

                                                                                      Bos               62-66

Felton, Ralph                                LB                         Buf                61-62                 Maryland                     d. 1/22/2011

Fenner, Lane                                WR                       SD                68                       Florida State

Ferguson, Charley                      OE-TE                  Buf                63-69                 Tennessee State

Ferguson, Gene                          OT                         SD                69                       Norfolk State               d.11/9/1997

Ferguson, Howie                         FB                         LA                 60                       (none)

Fernandez, Manny                       DE-DT                  Mia                68-69                 Utah

Ferrante, Orlando                        OG                        LA/SD           60-61                 USC

Fest, Howard                                OT                         Cin                68-69                 Texas

Fetherston, Jim                            LB                         SD                68-69                 California

Ficca, Dan                                     OG                        Oak               62                       USC

                                                                                      NY                 63-66

Fields, George                             DE-DT                  Oak               60-61                 Bakersfield JC

Fields, Jerry                                  LB                         NY                 61-62                 Ohio State

Finneran, Gary                             DT                         LA                 60                        USC

                                                                                      Oak               61

Finnie, Roger                               OT                         NY                 69                       Florida A&M

Fleming, George                         HB-K-KR             Oak                61                       Washington

Fletcher, Billy                                DB                        Den               66                       Memphis State

Flint, George                                 OG                        Buf                62-65, 68-69     Arizona State

Flores, Tom                                  QB                        Oak               60-61, 63-66     Pacific

                                                                                      Buf                67-69

                                                                                      KC                69

Flowers, Charlie                          FB                         LA/SD           60-61                 Mississippi

                                                                                      NY                 62

Floyd, Don                                     DE                        Hou              60-67                 TCU                        d.3/9/1980

Flynn, Don                                     DB                        Dal                60-61                 Houston                      d. 4/14/2010

                                                                                      NY                 61

Fontes, Wayne                             DB                        NY                 62                       Michigan State

Ford, Fred                                     HB                        Buf                60                       Cal Poly-Pomona

                                                                                      LA                 60

Ford, Garrett                                 RB                        Den              68                       West Virginia

Forsberg, Fred                             LB                         Den              68                       Washington

Foster, Gene                                RB                        SD                 65-69                 Arizona State

Fournet, Sid                                 OG-LB-DE           Dal               60-61                 LSU                               d. 4/23/2011

                                                                                      NY                 62-63

Fowler, Bobby                              FB                         NY                 62                      Tennessee-Martin

Fowler, Charlie                            OG                        Mia                67-68                Houston

Fowler, Jerry                               OG                        Hou              64                      Northwestern State LA  d. 1/262009

Fowler, Willmer                            HB                        Buf                60-61                Northwestern

Franci, Jason                               OE                        Den               66                      Cal-Santa Barbara

Frantz, Jack                                   C                           Buf                68                      California

Fraser, Jim                                   LB-P                     Den               62-64                Wisconsin

                                                                                      KC                 65

                                                                                      Bos               66

Frazier, Al                                      HB-FL                  Den               61-63                 Florida A&M

Frazier, Charley                            OE-WR                Hou              62-68                 Texas Southern

                                                                                      Bos               69

Frazier, Curt                                  DB                        Cin                68                       Fresno State

Frazier, Wayne                             C-LB                     SD                62                       Auburn

                                                                                      Hou              65

                                                                                      KC                66-67

                                                                                      Buf                67

Frazier, Willie                                OE-TE                  Hou              64-65                 Arkansas-Pine Bluff

                                                                                      SD                66-69

Frey, Dick                                      DE-OG                 Dal                60                       Texas A&M

                                                                                      Hou              61

Frongillo, John                             C-OG                    Hou              62-66                 Baylor

Fuller, Charley                              HB                        Oak               61-62                San Francisco State  d. 7/30/2001

Funchess, Tom                           OT                         Bos               68-69                Jackson State

Furey, Jim                                     LB                         NY                 61                       Kansas State

Fussell, Tom                                DE                        Bos               67                       LSU

Gaiser, George                            OT                         Den              68                      Southern Methodist

Gaiters, Bob                                 HB                        Den               63                      New Mexico State

Gallegos, Chon                           QB                        Oak               62                       San Jose State

Gamble, R.C.                               RB                        Bos               68-69                 South Carolina State

Garner, Bob                                  DB                        LA                 60                       Fresno State

                                                                                      Oak              61-62

Garrett, Carl                                  RB                        Bos               69                       New Mexico Highlands

Garrett, Drake                               DB                        Den              68                       Michigan State

Garrett, J. D.                                   HB                        Bos              64-67                 Grambling

Garrett, Mike                                 RB                        KC                 66-69                USC

Garrison, Gary                              OE-WR                SD                66-69                 San Diego State

Garron, Larry                                RB-KR                 Bos               60-68                 Western Illinois

Gavin, Chuck                                DE                        Den              60-63                 Tennessee State

Gehrke, Jack                                WR                       KC                 68                       Utah

                                                                                      Cin                69

Gerela, Roy                                   K-P                       Hou              69                       New Mexico State

Gibson, Claude                           DB-KR                 SD                 61-62                 North Carolina State

                                                                                      Oak               63-65

Gilchrist, Cookie                          FB                         Buf                62-64                 (none)                          d. 1/10/2011

                                                                                      Den              65, 67

                                                                                      Mia                66

Gillett, Fred                                   HB-OE                 SD                 62                      Los Angeles State

                                                                                      Oak               64

Gilliam, Jon                                  C                           Dal/KC         61-67                 Texas A&M-Commerce

Glacken, Scotty                           QB                        Den               66-67                 Duke                            d. 1/27/2006

Gladieux, Bob                               RB                        Bos               69                       Notre Dame

Glass, Glenn                                OE                        Den               66                       Tennessee

Glenn, Howard                             OG                        NY                 60                       Linfield                        d. 10/9/1960

Glick, Fred                                     DB                        Hou              61-66                 Colorado State

Glick, Gary                                     DB                        SD                63                       Colorado State

Gob, Art                                          DE                        LA                 60                       Pittsburgh

Goeddeke, George                     OG-C                    Den              67-69                 Notre Dame

Gogolak, Pete                              K                           Buf                64-65                 Cornell

Goldstein, Alan                            OE                        Oak               60                       North Carolina          d. 10/14/1991

Gonsoulin, Goose                       DB                        Den              60-66                 Baylor

Gonzaga, John                             OG                        Den              66                       (none)                          d. 5/17/2007

Good, Tom                                    LB                         SD                66                       Marshall

Goode, Tom                                 LB-C                     Hou              62-65                 Mississippi State

                                                                                      Mia                66-69

Goodwin, Doug                            RB                        Buf                66                       Maryland-Eastern Shore

Gordon, Bobby                             DB                        Hou               60                      Tennessee

Gordon, Cornell                           DB                        NY                 65-69                 North Carolina A&T

Grabosky, Gene                           DT                         Buf                60                       Syracuse                       d. 5/4/2001

Grady, Garry                                  DB                        Mia                69                       Eastern Michigan

Graham, Art                                  OE-WR                Bos               63-68                  Boston College

Graham, Kenny                            DB                        SD                64-69                  Washington State

Graham, Milt                                 OT-DT                  Bos               61-63                 Colgate

Granderson, Rufus                     DT                         Dal                60                       Prairie View

Granger, Hoyle                             RB                        Hou               66-69                 Mississippi State

Grantham, Larry                           LB                         NY                 60-69                 Mississippi

Grate, Willie                                  TE                         Buf                69                       South Carolina State  d.12/-/1980

Graves, White                               DB                        Bos               65-67                 LSU

                                                                                      Cin                68

Gray, Jim                                       DB                        NY                 66                       Toledo

Gray, Moses                                 OT-DT                  NY                 61-62                 Indiana

Grayson, Dave                             DB-KR                 Dal/KC          61-64                Oregon

                                                                                      Oak               65-69

Greaves, Gary                              OT                         Hou              60                       Miami FL

Green, Charlie                             QB                        Oak               66                       Wittenberg

Green, Jerry                                 HB                        Bos              60                       Georgia Tech             d. 12/12/1994

Green, Johnny                              QB                        Buf                60-61                 Tennessee-Chattanooga

                                                                                      NY                 62-63

Greene, Ted                                 LB                         Dal                60-62                 Tampa

Greene, Tom                                QB-P                    Bos               60                       Holy Cross

                                                                                      Dal                61

Greer, Charlie                              DB                        Den              68-69                 Colorado                      d. 12/7/1999

Greer, Jim                                     OE                        Den              60                       Elizabeth City State     d.7/10/1998

Gregory, Ben                                RB                        Buf                68                       Nebraska                     d. 4/12/1997

Gregory, Ken                                OE                        NY                 63                       Whittier

Griese, Bob                                  QB                        Mia                67-69                 Purdue

Griffin, Jim                                     DE                        SD                66-67                 Grambling

                                                                                      Cin                68

Griffin, John                                  DB                        Den              64-66                 Memphis State

Groman, Bill                                 OE-FL                  Hou              60-62                 Heidelberg

                                                                                      Den              63

                                                                                      Buf                64-65

Gross, George                             DT                         SD                63-67                 Auburn                          d. 4/27/2010

Grosscup, Lee                             QB                        NY                 62                       Utah

Gruneisen, Sam                          C-OG-LB             SD                62-69                 Villanova                       d. 9/28/2012

Gucciardo, Pat                             DB                        NY                 66                       Kent State

Guesman, Dick                            DT-K                     NY                60-63                 West    Virginia

                                                                                      Den               64

Guidry, Paul                                  LB                         Buf                66-69                 McNeese State

Guillory, John                               DB                        Cin                69                       Stanford

Gulseth, Don                                LB                         Den              66                       North Dakota

Gunner, Harry                               DE                        Cin                68-69                 Oregon State

Guy, Buzz                                       OG                        Hou              61                       Duke

                                                                                      Den              61

Guy, Louis                                     DB-FL                  Oak              64                       Mississippi

Guzik, John                                   LB                         Hou              61                       Pittsburgh

Hadl, John                                    QB-P                    SD                62-69                  Kansas

Haffner, Mike                                WR                       Den              68-69                  UCLA

Hagberg, Roger                           FB-TE                   Oak              65-69                 Minnesota                    d. 4/15/1970

Haik, Mac                                      WR                       Hou               68-69                 Mississippi

Hall, Galen                                    QB                        NY                 63                       Penn State

Hall, Ken                                       HB-KR                 Hou              60-61                 Texas A&M

Hall, Ron                                       DB                        Bos               61-67                 Missouri Valley

Hammond, Kim                           QB                        Mia                68                       Florida State

                                                                                      Bos               69

Hardy, Charley                             OE                        Oak               60-62                 San Jose State            d. 5/9/2001

Harmon, Ed                                  LB                         Cin                69                       Louisville

Harper, Darrell                             HB                        Buf                60                       Michigan                       d.1/19/2008  

Harper, Jack                                 RB                        Mia                67-68                 Florida

Harris, Dick                                   DB                        LA/SD           60-65                 McNeese State

Harris, James                              QB                        Buf                69                       Grambling

Harris, Jim                                    DT                         NY                 65-67                 Utah State

Harris, Jimmy                             DB                         Dal                60-61                 Oklahoma                    d. 8/9/2011

Harris, John                                  DB-HB                 Oak               60-61                 Santa Monica JC

Hart, Pete                                      FB                         NY                 60                       Hardin-Simmons

Harvey, Jim                                   OG-OT                 Oak               66-69                 Mississippi

Harvey, Waddey                          DT                         Buf                69                       Virginia Tech                d.7/4/1997

Hatley, Johnny                              DT                         Den              60                       Sul Ross State

Hauser, Art                                    DT                         Bos               60                       Xavier

                                                                                      Den               61

Hawkins, Wayne                          OG                        Oak               60-69                 Pacific

Hayes, Jim                                    DT                         Hou              65-66                 Jackson State            d. 4/19/2001

Hayes, Luther                               OE                        SD                 61                       USC

Hayes, Ray                                   DT                         NY                 68                       Toledo

Hayes, Wendell                           RB                        Den               65-67                 Humboldt State

                                                                                      KC                68-69

Haynes, Abner                             HB-KR                 Dal/KC         60-64                  North Texas State

                                                                                      Den              65-66

                                                                                      Mia                67

                                                                                      NY                 67

Headrick, Sherrill                       LB                         Dal/KC         60-67                 TCU                              d. 9/10/2008

                                                                                      Cin                68

Healy, Don                                    DT                         Buf                62                       Maryland

Heeter, Gene                                OE                        NY                 63-65                 West Virginia

Heinrich, Don                               QB                        Oak               62                       Washington                d. 2/29/1992

Heinz, Bob                                    DT                         Mia                69                       Pacific

Helluin, Jerry                                DT                         Hou              60                       Tulane

Henke, Karl                                   DT-DE                  NY                68                       Tulsa

                                                                                      Bos               69

Henley, Carey                               HB                        Buf                62                       Tennessee-Chattanooga

Hennessey, Tom                         DB                        Bos               65-66                 Holy Cross

Hennigan, Charley                      OE-FL                  Hou              60-66                 Northwestern State LA

Henning, Dan                               QB                        SD                66                       William & Mary

Herchman, Bill                             DT                         Hou              62                       Texas Tech                  d. 1/22/2009

Hergert, Joe                                  LB                         Buf                60-61                 Florida

Herman, Dave                              OG-OT                 NY                 64-69                 Michigan State

Hermann, Dick                             LB                         Oak               65                       Florida State

Herndon, Don                              HB                        NY                  60                       Tampa                         d. 1/10/2009

Herock, Ken                                  OE-TE                  Oak               63-65, 67          West Virginia

                                                                                      Cin                68

                                                                                      Bos               69

Herring, George                           QB-P                    Den              60-61                 So. Mississippi         d.12/14/1965
Hibler, Mike                                   LB                         Cin                68                      Stanford

Hickey, Bo                                     RB                        Den               67                      Maryland

Hicks, W. K.                                   DB                        Hou               64-69                Texas Southern

Higgins, Jim                                 OG-OT                 Mia                66                       Xavier                             d.9/28/2008

Highsmith, Walt                           OG                        Den              68-69                 Florida A&M

Hill, Dave                                       OT                         KC                63-69                 Auburn

Hill, Jack                                       HB                        Den               61                       Utah State                   d.8/28/2005

Hill, Jim                                         DB                        SD                  69                       Texas A&I

Hill, Jimmy                                    DB                        KC                 66                       Sam Houston State

Hill, Mack Lee                              RB                        KC                 64-65                 Southern                   d. 12/14/1965
Hill, Winston                                 OT                         NY                 63-69                 Texas Southern

Hines, Glen Ray                          OT                         Hou              66-69                  Arkansas

Hines, Jimmy                               WR                       Mia                69                       Texas Southern

Hoffman, Dalton                          FB                         Hou              64-65                  Baylor

Hohman, Jon                               OG                        Den              65-66                  Wisconsin

Hoisington, Al                               OE                        Oak               60                       Pasadena JC

                                                                                      Buf                60

Hollomon, Gus                            DB-P                    Den              68-69                 Houston

Holmes, John                              DE                        Mia                66                       Florida A&M

Holmes, Pat                                 DE-DT                  Hou              66-69                 Texas Tech

Holmes, Robert                           RB                        KC                68-69                 Southern

Holub, E. J.                                   C-LB                     Dal/KC        61-69                 Texas Tech

Holz, Gordy                                   DT-OT                  Den              60-63                 Minnesota

                                                                                      NY                64

Hooligan, Harry                            FB                         Hou              65                       Bishop

Hopkins, Jerry                              LB                         Den              63-66                 Texas A&M

                                                                                      Mia                67

                                                                                      Oak               68

Hopkins, Roy                                RB                        Hou              67-69                 Texas Southern

Hord, Roy                                      OG                        NY                63                       Duke                           d. 10/24/2004

Horton, Bob                                  LB                         SD                64-65                 Boston University

Houston, Ken                               DB                        Hou              67-69                 Prairie View

Howard, Bobby                            DB                        SD                67-69                 San Diego State           d. 4/7/2008

Howfield, Bobby                           K                           Den              68-69                 (none)

Huard, John                                  LB                         Den              67-69                 Maine

Huarte, John                                 QB                        Bos               66-67                 Notre Dame

Hubbard, Marv                              RB                        Oak               69                       Colgate

Hubbert, Brad                               RB                        SD                 67-69                 Arizona

Hudlow, Floyd                              DB-FL                  Buf                 65                        Arizona

Hudock, Mike                              C                           NY                 60-65                 Miami FL                       d. 5/7/2003

                                                                                      Mia                66

                                                                                      KC                67

Hudson, Bill                                  DT                         SD                61-62                 Clemson

                                                                                      Bos               63

Hudson, Bob                                LB                         Dal                60                       Clemson

                                                                                      Den              60-61

Hudson, Dick                               OT-OG                 SD                62                        Memphis State

                                                                                      Buf               63-67

Hudson, Jim                                 DB                        NY                65-69                 Texas

Huey, Gene                                   DB                        SD                69                       Wyoming

Hull, Bill                                         DE                        Dal                62                       Wake Forest

Humphrey, Buddy                       QB                        Hou              66                       Baylor                           d. 4/21/1988

Humphreys, Bob                         K                           Den               67-68                 Wichita State

Hunt, Bobby                                 DB                        Dal/KC         62-67                 Auburn            

                                                                                     Cin                68-69

Hunt, Jim Lee                              DT-DE                 Bos               60-69                 Prairie View                 d. 10/1/1975
Hunter, Billy                                  FL-RB                  Mia                66                       Syracuse

Hurston, Chuck                            DE-LB                 KC                65-69                 Auburn

Husmann, Ed                               DT                        Hou              61-65                 Nebraska

Hynes, Paul                                  DB                        Dal                61                       Louisiana Tech

                                                                                      NY                 61-62

Iacavazzi, Cosmo                        FB                         NY                  65                       Princeton

Ilg, Ray                                           LB                         Bos               67-68                 Colgate

Inman, Jerry                                  DT                         Den              66-69                 Oregon

Jackson, Bob                               RB                        SD                 62-63                 New Mexico State

                                                                                      Oak               64

                                                                                      Hou              64-65

Jackson, Charlie                         DB                        Dal                60                       Southern Methodist

Jackson, Frank                            FL-HB-KR           Dal/KC         61-65                 Southern Methodist

                                                                                      Mia                66-67

Jackson, Rich                              DE-LB                  Oak               66                       Southern

                                                                                      Den              67-69

Jackunas, Frank                          C                           Buf                62                       Detroit

                                                                                      Den              63

Jacobs, Harry                               LB-DE                  Bos               60-62                 Bradley

                                                                                      Buf                63-69

Jacobs, Proverb                           DT-OT                  NY                 61-62                 California

                                                                                      Oak               63-64

Jacobs, Ray                                  DT-DE                  Den              63-66                 Howard Payne

                                                                                      Mia                67-68

                                                                                      Bos               69

Jacobson, Jack                            DB                        SD                 65                       Oklahoma State

Jagielski, Harry                           DT                        Bos               60-61                 Indiana                        d. 10/9/1993

                                                                                      Oak               61

James, Robert                             DB                        Buf                69                        Fisk

Jamieson, Dick                            QB                        NY                 60-61                 Bradley                         d. 5/2/2001

Jamison, Al                                   OT                         Hou              60-62                 Colgate

Jancik, Bobby                               DB-FL-KR           Hou               62-67                 Lamar

Janerette, Charlie                        DT                         NY                 63                       Penn State                d. 10/1/1984

                                                                                      Den              64-65

Janik, Tom                                    DB-P                    Den              63-64                 Texas A&I                   d. 11/21/2009

                                                                                      Buf                65-68

                                                                                      Bos               69

Jaquess, Pete                              DB                        Hou              64-65                 Eastern New Mexico

                                                                                      Mia                66-67

                                                                                      Den              67-69

Jelacic, Jon                                   DE                        Oak               61-64                 Minnesota

Jeralds, Luther                            DE                        Dal               61                       N. Carolina Central  d.12/13/1992

Jessup, Bill                                   OE                        Den              60                       USC

Jeter, Gene                                   LB                         Den              65-67                 Arkansas-Pine Bluff

Joe, Billy                                        RB                        Den              63-64                 Villanova

                                                                                      Buf                65

                                                                                      Mia                66

                                                                                      NY                 67-68

Johns, Pete                                  DB                        Hou               67-68                 Tulane

Johnson, Billy                               DB                        Bos               66-68                 Nebraska

Johnson, Bob                               C                           Cin                68-69                 Tennessee

Johnson, Curley                          P-HB-TE              Dal                60                       Houston

                                                                                      NY                 61-68

Johnson, Daryl                             DB                        Bos               68-69                 Morgan State

Johnson, Dick                              OE                        KC                 63                       Minnesota

Johnson, Ellis                              RB                        Bos               65-66                 Southeast Louisiana

Johnson, Essex                           RB                        Cin                68-69                 Grambling

Johnson, Jack                              DB                        Buf                60-61                 Miami FL

                                                                                      Dal                61

Johnson, Jim                               DB                        Cin                69                       South Carolina State

Johnson, Joe                               HB-OE                 Bos               60-61                 Boston College

Johnson, John Henry                RB                        Hou               66                       Arizona State                 d. 6/3/2011

Johnson, Preston                        RB                        Bos               68                       Florida A&M

Johnson, Rich                              RB                        Hou              69                       Illinois

Johnston, Mark                            DB                        Hou              60-63                  Northwestern

                                                                                      Oak               64

                                                                                      NY                 64

Joiner, Charlie                             WR                       Hou              69                       Grambling

Jones, Curtis                                LB                         SD                68                       Missouri

Jones, Ezell                                  OT                         Bos               69                       Minnesota

Jones, Gene                                 DB                        Hou              61                       Rice                                d. 1/3/2008

Jones, Henry                                RB                        Den              69                       Grambling

Jones, Jimmy                               WR                       Den              68                       Wisconsin

Jones, Jimm                              DE                        NY                 69                       Wichita State

Jones, Jimmy                               FB                         Oak               61                       Washington

Jones, Willie                                 FB                         Buf                62                       Purdue

Jones, Willie                                 DE-DT                  Hou              67                       Kansas State

                                                                                      Cin                68

Jordan, Larry                                DE-LB                  Den               62, 64                Youngstown

Joswick, Bob                                DE-DT                  Mia                68-69                 Tulsa

Joyce, Don                                    DE                        Den               62                       Tulane

Joyner, L.C.                                   DB                        Oak               60                       Diablo Valley JC         d. 4/22/2001

Julian, Fred                                   DB                        NY                 60                       Michigan

Kaimer, Karl                                 OE                        NY                 62                        Boston University

Kalsu, Bob                                    OG                        Buf                68                       Oklahoma

Kaminski, Larry                            C                           Den              66-69                  Purdue

Karas, Emil                                   LB                         LA/SD           60-64, 66           Dayton

Katchik, Joe                                  DT                         NY                 60                       Notre Dame

Kearney, Jim                                DB                        KC                 67-69                 Prairie View

Keating, Bill                                  OG-DT                 Den               66-67                 Michigan

                                                                                      Mia                67

Keating, Tom                                DT                         Buf                64-65                 Michigan

                                                                                      Oak               66-67, 69

Kecklin, Val                                   QB                        SD                 62                       Southern Mississippi

Keeling, Rex                                 P-DB                    Cin                68                       Samford                       d. 6/3/2010

Kelley, Ed                                      DB                        Dal                61-62                 Texas

Kellogg, Mike                                RB                        Den              66-67                 Santa Clara

Kelly, Bob                                      OT-DT                  Hou              61-64                 New Mexico State        d. 12/18/14

                                                                                      KC                67

                                                                                      Cin                68

Kemp, Jack                                   QB                        LA/SD           60-62                 Occidental                   d. 5/2/2009

                                                                                      Buf                62-67, 69

Kempinski, Charlie                     OG                        LA                 60                       Mississippi

Kendall, Charlie                           DB                        Hou              60                       UCLA

Kenerson, John                           DE                        NY                 62                       Kentucky State

Kent, Greg                                     DE                        Oak               66                       Utah

Kerbow, Randy                            FL                         Hou               63                       Rice

Keyes, Bob                                   HB                        Oak                60                      San Diego

Keyes, Jimmy                               LB-K                     Mia                68-69                 Mississippi

Khayat, Eddie                               DE                        Bos               66                       Tulane

Kiick, Jim                                       HB                        Mia                68-69                 Wyoming

Kimber, Bill                                   OE                        Bos               61                       Florida State

Kinard, Billy                                   DB                        Buf                60                       Mississippi

Kinderman, Keith                        FB-DB                  SD                 63-64                 Florida State

                                                                                      Hou              65

Kindig, Howard                            DE-OT-C             SD                65-67                 Los Angeles State

                                                                                      Buf                67-69

Kindricks, Bill                               DT                         Cin                68                       Alabama A&M

King, Charley                                DB                        Buf                66-67                 Purdue

                                                                                      Cin                68-69

King, Claude                                HB                        Hou               61                       Houston

                                                                                      Bos               62

King, Don                                      DT                         Den              60                       Kentucky

King, Henry                                   DB                        NY                 67                       Utah State

King, Tony                                     FL                         Buf                67                       Findlay

Kinney, George                            DE                        Hou              65                       Wiley

Kirner, Gary                                   OT-OG                 SD                64-69                 USC

Klein, Dick                                    OT                         Bos               61-62                 Iowa                          d. 12/27/2005

                                                                                      Oak               63-64

Klotz, Jack                                     OT                         NY                 60-62, 63           Widener

                                                                                      SD                62

                                                                                      Hou              64

Kochman, Roger                         HB                        Buf                63                       Penn State

Kocourek, Dave                           OE-TE                  LA/SD           60-65                 Wisconsin

                                                                                      Mia                66

                                                                                      Oak               67-68

Kompara, John                            DT                         LA                 60                       South Carolina

Konovsky, Bob                             DE                        Den               61                       Wisconsin

Koontz, Ed                                     LB                         Bos               68                       Catawba

Kovac, Ed                                      RB                        NY                 62                       Cincinnati

Kowalczyk, Walt                           FB                         Oak               61                       Michigan State

Krakoski, Joe                               DB                        Oak               63-66                 Illinois

Kremser, Karl                               K                           Mia                69                       Tennessee

Krisher, Bill                                   OG                        Dal                60-61                 Oklahoma

Kroll, Alex                                      C-OT                    NY                 62                       Rutgers

Kroner, Gary                                 DB-K                    Den               65-67                Wisconsin

Kruse, Bob                                    OG-DT                 Oak               67-68                 Wayne State NB

                                                                                      Buf                69

Kubala, Ray                                  C                           Den              64-67                 Texas A&M

Kuchta, Frank                               C                           Den              60                       Notre Dame

Kulbacki, Joe                               HB                        Buf                60                       Purdue                       d. 11/26/2012

Ladd, Ernie                                   DT                         SD                61-65                 Grambling

                                                                                      Hou              66-67

                                                                                      KC                67-68

Lamb, Mack                                 DB                        Mia                67-68                 Tennessee State   d.10/28/20010  

Lamb, Ron                                    RB                        Den               68                      South Carolina          d. 6/20/2000

                                                                                      Cin                68-69

Lambert, Gordon                         LB                         Den              68-69                 Tennessee-Martin

Lamberti, Pat                               LB                         NY                61                       Richmond                  d. 12/19/2007

                                                                                      Den              61

Lammons, Pete                           TE                         NY                66-69                 Texas

Lamonica, Daryle                        QB-P                    Buf                63-66                 Notre Dame

                                                                                      Oak               67-69

Lane, Bobby                                 LB                         SD                63-64                 Baylor

Lanier, Willie                                LB                         KC                67-69                 Morgan State

Lanphear, Dan                             DE                        Hou              60, 62                 Wisconsin

Laraba, Bob                                  LB-QB-HB           LA/SD          60-61                 Texas-El Paso            d. 2/16/1962

Laraway, Jack                              LB                         Buf                60                       Purdue

                                                                                      Hou              61

LaRose, Dan                                DE                        Den              66                       Missouri

Larpenter, Carl                             OG-OT                 Den              60-61                 Texas                           d. 9/15/1998

                                                                                      Dal                62

Larscheid, Jack                           HB-KR                 Oak               60-61                 Pacific

Larson, Bill                                   FB                         Bos               60                       Illinois Wesleyan

Larson, Paul                                 QB                        Oak               60                       California

Laskey, Bill                                   LB                         Buf                65                       Michigan

                                                                                      Oak               66-67, 69

Lassiter, Ike                                  DE-DT                  Den              62-64                 St. Augustine

                                                                                      Oak               65-69

Latzke, Paul                                  C                           SD                66-68                 Pacific

Lawson, Al                                    FL                         NY                 64                       Delaware State

Lawson, Jerome                         DB                        Buf                68                       Utah

LeClair, Jim                                  QB                        Den              67-68                 C.W. Post

LeClerc, Roger                            C                           Den              67                       Trinity CT

Ledbetter, Monte                          FL-WR                 Hou              67                       Northwestern State LA

                                                                                      Buf                67-69

Lee, Bob                                        OG                        Bos               60                       Missouri

Lee, Jacky                                     QB                        Hou              60-63, 66-67     Cincinnati

                                                                                      Den              64-65

                                                                                      KC                67-69

Leetzow, Max                                DE-DT                  Den              65-66                 Idaho

LeMoine, Jim                                LB-OG-TE           Buf                67                       Utah State

                                                                                      Hou              68-69

Lenkaitis, Bill                                C-OG                    SD                68-69                 Penn State

Lentz, Jack                                    DB                        Den               67-68                 Holy Cross

Leo, Bobby                                    HB-WR                Bos               67-68                 Harvard

Leo, Charley                                OG                        Bos               60-62                 Indiana                       d. 10/7/2010

                                                                                      Buf                63

Leonard, Cecil                             DB                        NY                 69                       Tuskegee

Lester, Darrell                              FB                         Den              65-66                 McNeese State

Letner, Cotton                             LB                         Buf                61                       Tennessee                  d. 5/17/2009

LeVias, Jerry                                 WR-KR                Hou              69                       Southern Methodist

Lewis, Hal                                     DB                        Den              68                       Arizona State

Lewis, Harold                               HB                        Buf                60                       Houston

                                                                                      Oak               62

Lewis, Sherman                          DB                        NY                 66-67                 Michigan State

Lincoln, Keith                               RB                        SD                 61-66, 68           Washington State

                                                                                      Buf                67-68

Lindquist, Paul                             DT                         Bos               61                       New Hampshire

Lindsey, Hub                                RB                        Den               68                       Wyoming

Liske, Pete                                    QB                        NY                 64                       Penn State

                                                                                      Den              69

Little, Floyd                                    RB                        Den              67-69                 Syracuse

Little, Larry                                    OG-DT                 SD                 67-68                Bethune-Cookman

                                                                                      Mia                69

Livingston, Dale                           K-P                       Cin                68-69                Western Michigan      d.1/05/2009
Livingston, Mike                           QB                        KC                 68-69                Southern Methodist

Livingston, Walt                           HB                        Bos                60                      Heidelberg

Locklin, Billy                                  LB                         Oak               60                       New Mexico State

Lofton, Oscar                                OE                        Bos               60                       Southeastern Louisiana

London, Mike                                LB                         SD                66                       Wisconsin

Long, Charlie                              OG-OT                 Bos               61-69                 Tennessee-Chattanooga

Long, Mike                                    OE                        Bos                60                       Brandeis

Longmire, Sam                            DB                        KC                 67-68                 Purdue

Look, Dean                                   QB                        NY                 62                       Michigan State

Lothamer, Ed                               DT-DE                  KC                64-69                 Michigan State

Lott, Billy                                       FB                         Oak               60                       Mississippi                d. 5/15/1995

                                                                                      Bos               61-63

Loudd, Rommie                          LB                         LA                  60                       UCLA                             d. 5/9/1998

                                                                                      Bos               61-62

Louderback, Tom                        LB                         Oak               60-61                 San Jose State

                                                                                      Buf                62

Loukas, Angelo                            OG                        Buf                69                       Northwestern

Lowe, Paul                                    HB                        LA/SD           60-61, 63-68    Oregon State

                                                                                      KC                68-69

Lucas, Richie                               QB-HB-DB          Buf                60-61                 Penn State

Luke, Tommy                               DB                        Buf                68                       Mississippi

Lusteg, Booth                               K                           Buf                66                       Connecticut

                                                                                      Mia                67

Lynch, Fran                                   RB                        Den               67-69                 Hofstra

Lynch, Jim                                     LB                         KC                67-69                 Notre Dame

Mackey, Dee                                OE                        NY                 63-65                 East Texas State       d. 2/26/2001

MacKinnon, Jacque                    TE-FB-OE-OG    SD                 61-69                 Colgate

Macon, Eddie                               DB                        Oak               60                       Pacific

Maczuzak, John                            DT                         KC                64                       Pittsburgh

Maguire, Paul                               LB-P-OE-DE       LA/SD           60-63                 Citadel

                                                                                      Buf                64-69

Majors, Billy                                  DB                        Buf                 61                       Tennessee

Mangum, John                             DT                         Bos               66-67                 Southern Mississippi

Mangum, Pete                              LB                         Den              60                       Mississippi

Manoukian, Don                          OG                        Oak               60                       Stanford

Maples, Bobby                             C-LB                     Hou              65-69                 Baylor

Marcontell, Ed                              OG                        Hou              67                       Lamar

Marinovich, Marv                          OG                        Oak               65                       USC

Marques, Bob                               LB                         NY                 60                       Boston University

Marsalis, Jim                                DB                        KC                69                       Tennessee State

Marsh, Aaron                                WR                       Bos               68-69                 Eastern Kentucky

Marsh, Frank                                DB                        SD                 67                       Oregon State

Marshall, Bud                               DT                         Hou              67-68                 Stephen F. Austin

Marshall, Chuck                           DB                        Den              62                       Oregon State

Martin, Blanche                            RB                        NY                 60                       Michigan State

                                                                                      LA                 60

Martin, Dave                                  LB                         KC                68                       Notre Dame

Martin, Larry                                  DT                         SD                66                       San Diego State

Masters, Billy                                TE                         Buf                67-69                 LSU

Mathis, Bill                                    FB                         NY                 60-69                 Clemson

Matlock, John                               C-OT                    NY                 67                       Miami FL

                                                                                      Cin                68

Matson, Pat                                   OG                        Den              66-67                 Oregon

                                                                                      Cin                68-69

Matsos, Archie                             LB                         Buf                60-62                 Michigan State

                                                                                      Oak               63-65

                                                                                      Den              66

                                                                                      SD                66

Matthews, Wes                            OE                        Mia                66                       Northeastern State OK

Mattox, Jack                                  DT                         Den              61                       Fresno State

Matuszak, Marv                             LB                         Buf                62-63                 Tulsa

                                                                                      Den              64

Mayberry, Doug                            FB                         Oak               63                       Utah State

Mayes, Ben                                   DE-DT                  Hou              69                       Drake

Maynard, Don                               OE-FL-WR          NY                 60-69                 Texas-El Paso

Mays, Jerry                                    DE-DT                  Dal/KC         61-69                 Southern Methodist

McAdams, Bob                             DT                         NY                 63-64                 North Carolina Central

McAdams, Carl                            DT-LB-DE           NY                 67-69                 Oklahoma

McBath, Mike                                DE-OT                  Buf                68-69                 Penn State

McBride, Norm                             DE                        Mia                69                       Utah

McCabe, Richie                           DB                        Buf                60-61                  Pittsburgh

McCall, Ed                                     WR                       Cin                68                       Miles

McCall, Ron                                  LB                         SD                67-68                  Weber State

McCarthy, Brendan                    RB                        Den              68-69                  Boston College          d. 8/26/1997

McCarty, Mickey                         TE                         KC                69                       TCU                               d. 7/21/2010

McClinton, Curtis                         FB-TE                   Dal/KC         62-69                 Kansas

McCloughan, Kent                       DB                        Oak               65-69                 Nebraska

McClure, Wayne                           LB                         Cin                68                       Mississippi

McComb, Don                              DE                        Bos               60                       Villanova

McCormick, John                         QB                        Den              63, 65-66, 68    Massachusetts

McCoy, Lloyd                                OG                        SD                 64                       San Diego State

McCullers, Dale                           LB                         Mia                69                       Florida State

McCullough, Bob                         OG                        Den               62-65                 Colorado

McCusker, Jim                             OT                         NY                 64                       Pittsburgh

McDaniel, Wahoo                        LB-OG-P              Hou              60                       Oklahoma                   d. 4/18/2002  

                                                                                      Den              61-63

                                                                                      NY                 64-65

                                                                                      Mia                66-68

McDermott, Gary                          RB                        Buf                68                       Tulsa

McDole, Ron                                 DE-DT                  Hou              62                       Nebraska

                                                                                      Buf                 63-69

McDonald, Don                            DB                        Buf                 61                       Houston

McDougall, Gerry                         FB                         SD                 62-64, 68           UCLA

McFadin, Bud                               DT                         Den               60-63                 Texas

                                                                                      Hou               64-65

McFarlane, Nyle                           HB                        Oak                60                       Brigham Young          d. 1/-/1998

McGee, George                            OT                         Bos               60                       Southern

McGeever, John                           DB                        Den               62-65                 Auburn

                                                                                      Mia                66

McGrew, Dan                                C                           Buf                60                       Purdue

McKinnon, Don                            LB-C                     Bos               63-64                 Dartmouth

McLeod, Bob                                OE-TE                  Hou              61-66                  Abilene Christian

McMahon, Art                                DB                        Bos               68-69                 North Carolina State

McMillin, Jim                                 DB                        Den              61-62, 64-65     Colorado State

                                                                                      Oak               63-64

McMullan, John                            OG                        NY                 60-61                 Notre Dame

McMurtry, Chuck                        DT                         Buf                60-61                 Whittier                       d. 2/-/1984

                                                                                      Oak               62-63

McNamara, Bob                           DB-HB                 Den              60-61                 Minnesota

McNeil, Charlie                          DB                        LA/SD           60-64                 Compton JC               d. 1/7/1994

McVea, Warren                             RB-WR                Cin                68                       Houston

                                                                                      KC                69

Meixler, Ed                                    LB                         Bos               65                       Boston University

Mendez, Mario                              HB                        SD                64                       San Diego State

Mercer, Mike                                 K-P                       Oak               63-66                 Northern Arizona

                                                                                      KC                66

                                                                                      Buf                67-68

Meredith, Dudley                          DT                         Hou              63, 68                 Lamar

                                                                                      Buf                64-68

Mertens, Jim                                 TE                         Mia                69                       Fairmont State

Merz, Curt                                      OG-DE                 Dal/KC         62-68                 Iowa

Meyer, Ed                                      OT                         Buf                60                       West Texas State

Meyer, John                                  LB                         Hou               66                       Notre Dame

Michael, Rich                                OT                         Hou              60-63, 65-66    Ohio State

Michaels, Walt                              LB                         NY                 63                       Washington & Lee

Middendorf, Dave                        OG                        Cin                68-69                 Washington State

Mikolajewski, Pete                      QB                        SD                 69                       Kent State

Milks, John                                    LB                         SD                66                       San Diego State

Miller, Alan                                    FB                         Bos               60                       Boston College

                                                                                      Oak               61-63, 65

Miller, Bill                                       OE-WR                Dal                62                       Miami FL

                                                                                      Buf                63

                                                                                      Oak               64, 66-68

Miller, Bill                                       DT                         Hou              62                       New Mexico Highlands

Miller, Paul                                    DE                        Dal                60-61                 LSU

                                                                                      SD                62

Mills, Pete                                     OE                        Buf                65-66                 Wichita State

Milstead, Charley                         QB-DB-P             Hou              60-61                 Texas A&M

Milton, Gene                                 WR                       Mia                68-69                 Florida A&M

Mingo, Gene                                 HB-K                    Den              60-64                 (none)

                                                                                      Oak               64-65

                                                                                      Mia                66-67

Minter, Tom                                   DB                        Den              62                       Baylor

                                                                                      Buf                62

Mirich, Rex                                    DT-DE                  Oak               64-66                 Arizona State

                                                                                      Den              67-69

Mischak, Bob                                OG                        NY                 60-62                 Army

                                                                                      Oak               63-65

Mitchell, Charley                          HB-DB                 Den               63-67                 Washington

                                                                                      Buf                68

Mitchell, Ed                                   OG                        SD                65-67                 Southern                      d. 5/-/1985

Mitchell, Leroy                              DB                        Bos               67-68                 Texas Southern

Mitchell, Stan                                RB                        Mia                66-69                 Tennessee

Mitchell, Tom                                TE                         Oak               66                       Bucknell

Mitchell, Willie                              DB                        KC                 64-69                 Tennessee State

Mitinger, Bob                                LB                         SD                62-64, 66, 68     Penn State

Mix, Ron                                         OT-OG                 LA/SD           60-69                 USC

Montalbo, Mel                               DB                        Oak               62                       Utah State

Montler, Mike                                OT-OG-C             Bos               69                       Colorado

Moore, Alex                                   DB                        Den               68                       Norfolk State

Moore, Fred