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       NFL Films produced Full Color Football for Showtime in 2009, to acknowledge what would have been the fiftieth season of play for the American Football League.  Unfortunately, they did not produce a DVD set for sale at the time, but said that a set would be available 'in 2012'.  2012 has come and gone, and there has been no release of the set, unless AFL fans want to fork out $200 for a 'special production'.
          The DVD set has been available on pirate sites for some time.  I don't know of the quality of such sets, nor do I endorse them, but they are easily found on-line.  But I had hoped NFL Films would make the higher-quality originals available to AFL fans at a reasonable mass-production price. 
        Since it appears as though that will not be the case, I'm presenting below the full series, which play on-line, with what appears to be original quality.   I'm sorry fans can't get the real set, but hopefully, this is the next-best option, and if you have a 'smart TV', you can even watch it there. 


         AFL fan Bryan Ellis has sent a link that you can use to download the YouTube videos.  First, you must go to the site  Download the program featured there, the YTD Video Downloader
        De-select any extras, decline any upgrades, and use the free program.  Download it, open the program, then come to this page and click on one of the episodes.  As it plays, right-click and select "Copy Video URL".  This will put the URL in your clipboard memory, so you can go to the YTD program, paste the URL where indicated, and then download the video. 
        You can then burn it to a DVD if you want to.  I've tried it and it works!!

         Once you download the videos, if the NFL ever forces YouTube to take them down, as has apparently been done with other AFL videos, you can still view them from your downloaded version, or from DVDs.

EPISODE ONE ~ The New Frontier

EPISODE TWO ~ Times They Are A Changin'

EPISODE THREE ~ War and Peace

EPISODE FOUR ~ Revolution

EPISODE FIVE ~ The Final Frontier



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